Counselling for Individuals

I work with individuals who might feel stuck – stuck in Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Addictions, or other ways of coping that just don’t work anymore.  It might be from toxic relationships, childhood trauma, or inscribed within our DNA.  Regardless of the origin, Relational Psychotherapy helps us find the source of these experiences, and break the patterns and discover new ways of looking at ourselves.

Relationally Focused Therapy

My therapy practice is Relationally Focused, which means that it is the co-created relationship between us that is the healing force of the therapy. 

How does this happen? The therapeutic sessions draw upon our experiences of the past and these sessions bring to light how these experiences get replayed in the present often without our knowing. 

Whether it is a toxic relationship that keeps repeating over and over in our lives, whether it is the same debilitating anxiety that keeps getting in the way of our moving forward, or depression that casts a shadow over our prospects of joy; these past life experiences (whether in childhood or older) keep us stuck; maybe in an unsatisfying job, or in unhealthy relationships or in our addictions.

A New Chapter

Perhaps these experiences or genetics have led us into addictions as coping mechanisms, or have resulted in other ways that we dealt with the exterior world, but these mechanisms no longer work—in fact they

are causing pain—to yourself and to others. Or maybe we are looking to get in touch with the best parts of our being.  Paying attention to all of these beliefs, thoughts, and emotions can help us change the stories that we tell ourselves. And a good therapeutic relationship can help us do that. It’s the beginning of a new chapter, a new story of our lives.

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